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      How Dingkou knife device is adjusted?
      Dates:2015-10-29 Hit:3122
        During use, and sometimes there will clinch motorized claw knife-point line break, replacement of the blade will break soon, in which case, in addition to considering the quality of the knife, but also the position of the knife adjustment, it is because there is little angle error between the market sold the knife blade and wife.

        Here the author to re-machine 373 Dingkou example for analysis. After sub-line of jaw broken knife was analyzed, I believe that the vast majority of such failures are due to start at the moment when the machine knife back, and looper dial plate swinging fork collide and cause breakage.
        For this reason, we first determine the swinging fork is correctly positioned, the easiest way is to swing fork triangular cam, engraved point looper shaft and dial tone on the line cam plate to be consistent, then automatically shut down when squeezed move knife adjustment feet to ensure the gap between the knife drive rod and the body of 12.5 mm.
        If the knife drive lever and the gap between the body is greater than 12.5 mm, then adjusted to the standard position; if the standard positions, we should rotating blade drive rod nut loose, and then move it forward 1 mm to 2 mm, then lock knife drive rod nut.
        It is worth noting that at this time, the knife can not move it forward too much, otherwise easily lead to abnormal sub-line and cut lines. Finally, in the case does not boot, we step on the brake pedal, with or without collision checking knife back.

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